Gartner BPMS Magic Quadrant 2006

I just saw the new Gartner Magic Quadrant for BPMS, published yesterday, and although I haven’t had time to review the entire 19-page report, here’s the MQ:

Graphic removed at the request of Gartner, who seem to be missing the point that I’m actually encouraging people to read the entire 19-page report in context, not just look at the single graphic that I excerpted.Good way to alienate the blogosphere by stomping all over the notion of fair use, guys.

The most recent point of comparison from Gartner is their June 2004 MQ for pure-play BPM, which included many of these same vendors. They see BPMS as the second generation of this market, and note that many of the former leaders no longer meet the requirements.

Some interesting notes:

  • Three of the four vendors in the leaders quadrant are new arrivals as I discussed in my History of BPM posts.
  • Fuego (now BEA) and Lombardi have moved from the visionaries quadrant to leaders, relative to the Pure-Play BPM quadrant that Gartner published in 2004. Interestingly, their relative “completeness of vision” dropped as their “ability to execute” increased.
  • Savvion and Pegasystems both retained their place in the leaders quadrant, but both also dropped in relative “completeness of vision”.
  • Two long-time players in this space, FileNet and TIBCO (Staffware) have been bumped out of the leaders quadrant: FileNet for less completeness of vision (a point that I readily agree with lately) and TIBCO for less ability to execute. As I said in the afore-mentioned BPM History post, many of the larger vendors are lagging badly in implementing new features, and look a little tired these days in comparison to the shiny bright newcomers.

Tons of good detailed information in the report, worth reading.

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