Bluespring does it in style

This is the foie gras of eating your own dogfood: I registered online for a product demo webinar with Bluespring today, and here’s what I saw after I filled in the form:

After a few minutes, I clicked the refresh button; the process status changed to “Temporarily Delayed” and the upper part of the process map changed:

The URL included the process ID so that I could bookmark the page and can go back at any time and see where my process is, in real time; the registration confirmation email also contained the URL back to my process plus a vCalendar file to add the webinar to my calendar. It would be even more cool if they customized the vCalendar file to include the URL of my registration process, so that I could toss the registration email after the item is on my calendar without having to add the URL to the calendar entry myself, but that’s a minor quibble.

All the BPM vendors say that they can do processes that cross the firewall and keep the external participants informed, but how many of them actually do it on their public website?

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