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Last March, a BPM think tank was held with support from WfMC, BPMI, OMG and other standards organizations (original link here, but the BPMI.org site seems to be down), then a follow-up session at the AIIM conference in May. This year, the 2006 BPM think tank is an OMG event (OMG absorbed BPMI last June), to be held in Fairfax, VA in May.

I’m not sure what that means to those of us who want to attend but aren’t OMG members, but I’m sure that Phil will keep us posted.

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  1. Hi Sandy… I popped an email to Richard Mark Soley, the Exec. Dir. of OMG and here’s the reply…

    “Think Tank is open to all; just as at the TC meetings, members get a discount.

    “I think we can expect Think Tank to be very much like last year’s event, and in fact like OMG events — while the TC’s are typically 80% members and 20% non-members, I expect Think Tank to be more like 80% non-members and 20% members.”

    (PG comments: No word on price… I assume this will be set in the next 2-3 weeks. Hope this helps… and that as many folks can get over to VA as possible.)

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