BPM Leaders?!

I know that I’m going crazy with posts today, but there seems to be so much interesting stuff out there after two weeks of dreck.

After my earlier post about BPM and SOA, I had to link to Bruce Silver’s article in Intelligent Enterprise called Sizing Up the BPM Leaders, wherein he quotes a survey that shows that more than 1,600 participants believe that IBM, Microsoft and Oracle are the leaders in BPM, in spite of the fact that they’re offering only agile development environments for their SOA middleware rather than true BPM; in fact, they’re missing most of the functionality that the analysts believe to be essential in order to even call your product “BPM”. His summary:

BPM is much more than Web services orchestration: It must also integrate business modeling, simulation, business rules, analytics and BAM. BPM connects business analysts and process owners more directly to IT solutions rather than leaving them as frustrated bystanders. BPM pureplay vendors have largely implemented this vision but aren’t getting the recognition for it. The blissfully ignorant big platform players are nevertheless perceived as BPM leaders.


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