Phil Gilbert writes a book…I think

I’m staying at the conference hotel for the Gartner BPM summit, which means that I get the goody bags in my room with some extra vendor spiffs. In tonight’s bag: a rather weird “Top Secret” cardboard mini-briefcase from Global 360 containing a dogtag and some cryptic instructions about a secret identity; a “BPM” (Bottled water, Peanuts, and M&Ms) pack from Appian; and a few vendor glossies.

One of the vendor sheets is from Lombardi, plugging a new book by Phil Gilbert, but unfortunately the link to download the preview chapter takes my information but yields only a “page not found” error. This is the second thing that I’ve failed to get online with Lombardi; I’m starting to get paranoid!

3 thoughts on “Phil Gilbert writes a book…I think”

  1. I am also staying at the confernece hotel. And yes, the goody bag was a bit strange. Most of mine made it straight into the trash can. The pictures of the goodies is a nice touch. 🙂

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