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I’m cutting out early for my flight home, so I’m finishing the FileNet user conference with another BPM technical session, this one on process orchestration. This is a relatively new area for FileNet in terms of out-of-the-box functionality, and a bit behind the competitive curve but they appear to be charging into the fray with strong functionality. Mike Marin, BPM product architect extraordinaire, walked us through the current state: the ability of a process to consume web services, and the ability to launch and control a process as a web service. Mike sits on a couple of standards boards and is pretty up-to-date on what’s happening with the competition and future directions. Nothing here that I wasn’t already aware of, although he provided some good technical insights into how it all works under the covers as well as an excellent distinction between choreography and orchestration. He also talked about using web services as a method for federating process engine services, that is, allowing a process to span servers, which I think is absolutely brilliant. The same thing holds for invoking and being invoked by a process on a BPEL engine (like Oracle’s), because it’s just a web service interface.

Time to grab some lunch and head for the airport. Regular (non-UserNet) blogging resumes later this week.

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  1. Hello:
    I really hope it is ok to ask this question here and apologize up front if it is not the right medium. I have a deadline of August 5, 2006 to submit FileNet Programmer candidates to a client of mine for whom I’ve been doing some recruiting. Do you have any advice on where to post the job (for free) or other ways to find certified people who want to work on a long-term project in Saudi Arabia? I’ve been having a very challenging go of it finding these resumes on various job boards.

    Advice is much appreciated.

    There are 14 positions in all to fill, as follows:
    Senior System Analyst (SA):
    ALLFUSION Programmer (AP):
    ALLFUSION Application Analyst (AA):
    Java J2EE Programmer (JP):
    Microsoft .NET Programmer (MP):
    FileNET Application Developer (FP):
    Network Management System Engineer (ME):
    Senior Network Engineer (NE):
    Local Area Network (LAN) Specialist (LE):
    Systems Security Specialist (SS):
    Network Security Specialist (NS)
    Business Process Specialist (BP):
    Technical Writer (TW) (English/Arabic):

  2. update – the deadline was extended, and the requirement or certifications has been eased, but I would still appreciate some advice on where to find good FileNET people who want to work for 3 years in Saudi Arabia.

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