Recording of Using Wikis With ECM and BPM

If you were interested in the presentation that I did last week at Toronto Wiki Tuesday on using wikis with enterprise content management and process management, here’s an audio recording of it made by Robert Lavigne. There’s a fair amount of background noise from the projector fan and the clinking of beer glasses, but it’s pretty audible.

Wikis With ECM and BPM

Here are the slides from the presentation that I did last night at Toronto Wiki Tuesday:

It was recorded on Ustream, but the quality was not very good since we were in a pub, not a studio. There will be a better-quality audio recording available soon. And, although we do Wiki Wednesdays on Tuesdays here in Toronto, there were some tweets on the WikiWed hashtag.

I’ve been looking at the crossover between wikis and ECM for a while, and I’ve more recently been looking at where BPM and wikis intersect: still a small area, but as BPMS get more collaborative and wikis add some structured workflow, there is definitely an overlap.