bpmNEXT 2014 Wrapup And Best In Show

I couldn’t force myself to write about the last two sessions of bpmNEXT: the first was a completely incomprehensible (to me) demo, and the second spent half of the time on slides and half on a demo that didn’t inspire me enough to actually put my hands on the keyboard. Maybe it’s just conference fatigue after two full days of this.

However, we did get a link to the Google Hangout recording of the BPMN model interchange demo from yesterday (be sure to set it to HD or you’ll miss a lot of the screen detail).

We had a final wrapup address from Bruce Silver, and he announced our vote for the best in show: Stefan Andreasen of Kapow – congrats!

I’m headed home soon to finish my month of travel; I’ll be Toronto-based until the end of April when IBM Impact rolls around.

2 thoughts on “bpmNEXT 2014 Wrapup And Best In Show”

  1. Thanks for a great report on BPMnext. It is really a pity that the event is only attended by the process management community and only by a few users that are invited by vendors to present on their products. I rather go to a Gartner event where I have the opportunity to talk to the ‘real people’, the ones that actually need process management solutions.

    1. Hi Max, thanks for your comment. bpmNEXT and a (for example) Gartner conference are very different: bpmNEXT is a new technology showcase for industry insiders to network and exchange ideas, not for customers; Gartner is a marketing showcase for customers to attend and vendors to get sales leads. As a vendor or analyst, there is value in both types, although they serve very different audiences.

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