Kofax Capture Product Portfolio

I finished the first day at Kofax Transform with a briefing on the Capture product portfolio from Bruce Orcutt. A key trend in content capture is that content can really come from anywhere, in any format: paper, web, data, fax, etc.; Kofax Capture is attempting to be that universal gateway for all content capture, not just the scanning that they’re best known for.

Some Kofax Capture feature updates:

  • Thin client indexing and validation, so that the capabilities of the desktop client that would normally be used by an indexing/validation operator can now be done with a lower TCO.
  • Access to KTM capabilities, including structured forms processing for extraction and other document and page processing. There are still some functions that require a full KTM implementation, such as content-based classification and separation, but a big chunk of KTM functionality is now right in KC.
  • Import connector is now a separate product, handling import from fax, email, file import, SMS and other sources. This isn’t just a simple import; VRS can be applied to enhance images before downstream recognition. No more printing of faxes and emails so that they can be scanned!
  • Kofax Front Office Server (KFS) allows KC to be extended to the front panel of an MFP, so that KC processes can be initiated there. I covered this in more detail in my post about the MFP session earlier today, although I missed noting that only Ricoh MFPs support card swipes for authentication.
  • Centralized configuration of VRS, which is then pushed out to the individual scanning stations running KC and VRS.
  • Detection and reporting of device problems based on image quality degradation from within VRS, e.g., stretched images may indicate ADF transport roller wear, allowing maintenance to be performed before catastrophic equipment failure occurs.

This was more of an incremental update than a review of the entire portfolio, but worthwhile nonetheless.

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