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Business Process Incubator has a new toy to play with: a BPM Glossary widget. I’ve embedded it below, and I believe that its available for any site to use.

So far, I can only figure out how to search for a term (and submit a new term if it’s not found in the glossary), but can’t work out how to browse the glossary, if there is such a function.

6 thoughts on “BPM Glossary”

  1. Antonio, you will be happy to know that 30 terms from the BMM specification are now included into the glossary 🙂 We did not include the concepts of section 9.1 as most of them refer to outside sources themselves. This first version of the glossary is already one of the largest BPM glossary including over 3000 terms related to BPM. The platform will soon be open to the public to add terms and definitions. Hope you finf it useful.

  2. Sandy, I heard about BPI BPM glossary in your blog and posted my comment to know your opinion about its sources.
    But I’ve understood that it is an on-going work.
    Thanks to both!

    Denis, did you plan to add some browsing features?

  3. The current widget is meant as a simple way to consume the glossary content. Anyone can request the widget (simply click on the logo to generate a request) and use it on their site, blog, intranet etc. We are completing configurations options of the widget to meet various presentation requirements.

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