7 Reasons To Build Business Apps on BPM by @neilwd

I was late to Neil Ward-Dutton’s session due to another meeting, and ended up arriving just as he started on reason #7. However, in the summary, he did list out his 7 reasons of why you want to build business applications using BPM technology:

  1. Demonstrate value transparently
  2. Support iterative, collaborative changes
  3. Speed up user acceptance
  4. Improve management of customizations
  5. Enable transition to SaaS delivery
  6. Reach new stakeholders
  7. Support continuous improvement

He finished with the signals that you can use to identify the maximum opportunity for value from using BPM:

  • Strong service differentiation focus
  • Strong need for performance transparency
  • Dynamic regulation or policy environment
  • Need to coordinate work/information across or between organizations

I was sorry to miss most of the presentation, but there apparently is a paper that Neil wrote on the Progress website going through these points as well (although I don’t have the link).

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