Webinar This Week: Improving BPM Time to Value

I’ll be presenting this Wednesday on how to improve BPM time to value by giving greater functionality to the knowledge workers to create their own processes, instead of having everything be implemented as an IT-controlled implementation. It’s sponsored by BP Logix, and you can register to attend here.

Having been involved in a lot of BPM implementations over the years, I know that there are many use cases for high-volume structured processes that are implemented primarily by IT. However, there are also a lot of processes that are too specialized or variable for an IT-driven implementation: that would take too long and the costs may not be justified. In many organizations, these processes are handled by email and other uncontrolled (and, in many cases, unaudited) methods, but there are emerging classes of BPMS that allow knowledge workers to create their own processes. We had a lengthy discussion a few months back on the need for multiple BPMS in an organization: I disagreed with the notion of a vendor selling three BPMS’ for a single customer application, but agreed that organizations may need two BPMS’ for different types of applications. It’s not an either-or proposition: both classes of BPMS can co-exist in an organization, with the appropriate one being used for different purposes. Join us on Wednesday to continue the discussion.

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