Speaking at Business Process Forum in October

A bit early for this, but maybe you’re already starting to organize your fall calendar. The business process track that was at the Business Rules Forum last year has grown, and become its own Business Process Forum. I believe that we need a good independent BPM conference – the ones run by the large analysts are too focused on their own viewpoints to be considered really independent – and this could be the start of something significant.

I’ll be speaking at the conference, which runs October 17-21 in Washington, DC. Look for me presenting a half-day tutorial on the BPM technology landscape, as well as the facilitator of a peer discussion session on transforming business process models into IT requirements.

Update: Forgot one, I’m also doing a presentation on Social BPM. The full conference agenda is here for all three tracks: business rules, business analysis and business process.

The super early bird registration ends tomorrow, and saves you $300.

One thought on “Speaking at Business Process Forum in October”

  1. Hi Sandy,

    This conference is a reorganization of Ron Ross’s business rules forum.

    I agree, something needs to be done to create a positive environment for BPM, and Business Rules learning and discussion. Gartner has their viewpoint, and it is important for customers to listen to them. But managers and others need to listen to a number of viewpoints.

    The attendance at last years’ BR forum was nightmarishly low. The few attendees that did show up, skipped the show and went out to play, I think the desperate look from all the vendors made them skittish. This was probably not entirely the fault of the organizers. The economy was tanking.

    That said, many of the business rules messages are getting stale and there is a persistent gap between the viewpoints of the BR forum says is business rules and what we do in the industry to create executable business rules. I suspect that this affected a big part of the lack of attendance.

    We will be there. I hope the conference is well attended. There are many, many ongoing BPM efforts in the Federal Government.


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