Webinar on BPM and Case Management

I’m giving a webinar on Thursday this week, sponsored by Pegasystems, where I’ll talk about BPM and adaptive case management (ACM). Emily Burns from Pega will be there to give an overview of their ACM functionality. You can register for the webinar here.

There’s been so much written on BPM and ACM lately; I’ve been reading an advance copy of Mastering The Unpredictable (a collection of ACM topics by some of the great minds in the industry), tracking the conversations on blogs, seeing the vendor buzz at all the conferences this month, and hearing what my own clients are saying about their needs to do something less structured than the usual BPMN-modeled processes. This has been a great chance for me to bring together a lot of these ideas with many of my earlier thoughts on social/collaborative BPM, which I’ve been writing about since 2006.

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