TIBCO’s Enterprise 3.0 Vision

Murray Rode, TIBCO’s COO, started the TIBCO analyst day with their vision and strategy. The vision: Enterprise 3.0. Srsly. They seem to have co-opted the Enterprise 1.0/2.0 terms to mean what they want it to mean rather than the more accepted views: they define Enterprise 2.0, for example, as everything from the 80’s to 2009, including client-server. I don’t mean to sound negative, but that’s not what we mean by Enterprise 2.0 these days, and whoever came up with that idea for their branding has just made them sound completely out of touch. Their spectrum goes from Enterprise 1.0 data processing from the 60’s to the 80’s, Enterprise 2.0 client-server, and Enterprise 3.0 predictive analytics and processing: using in-memory data grids rather than databases, and based more on events than transactions.

Putting aside the silliness of the term Enterprise 3.0, I like their “Two Second Advantage” tagline: when fast processing and analysis of events can make a competitive difference. Their infrastructure platform has three pieces:

  • Connect (SOA), fed by messaging and data grids
  • Analyze and optimize
  • Automate (BPM)

They can used the cloud as a deployment mechanism for scalability, although that’s just an option. In addition to the usual infrastructure platform, however, they’re also following the lead of many other vendors by pushing out vertical solutions.

We’re about to head into the product announcements, which are embargoed until tomorrow, so things might get quiet for a while, although I’m sure that there will be lots of conversation around the whole Enterprise 3.0 term.

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  1. Sandy, you are spot on! I mean ONE WHOLE WEEK BEFORE (!!) TUCON we at IBM’S IMPACT totally delivered on our, like, Enterprise 4.0 vision. Maybe even 5.0. It was at least 3.1 (and it isn’t a coincidence that Windows also started getting it right with Windows 3.1). So, yeah, as I think about it, I think from now on, it’s Enterprise/386 Version 3.1. And only 85 more years until the real cool Enterprise version comes out…

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