Identifying and Evaluating Performance in Transactional Environments

Last up before lunch was Sarah Snyder, who works with the US Army, discussing how they use dashboards to measure and tune their performance. The examples that she showed were not about the actual “business” processes, however, but measures on LSS projects, such as initiated and completed projects, LSS training, LSS belt utilization, and other meta measurements that aren’t directly indicative of business performance. Although measurement of project execution efficiency can be used as something of one indication of how well the Army is running, and measurements like this are important for justifying and ensuring ongoing funding of LSS programs (over $100M to contractors alone over the last 4-5 years), it doesn’t seem all that useful for general operational process improvement. Am I missing something, or is this LSS navel gazing?

I will blame my crankiness about this presentation on my grumbling stomach, and head off to lunch.

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