Collecting, Connecting and Correcting the BPM Dots #brf

Roger Burlton, who organized the BPM track here, gave a presentation this afternoon on process discovery techniques that fit well with Kathy Long’s previous presentation on process notations. He looked at different levels of BPM (and therefore of models): enterprise, business process, and implementation. Most of the BPM models done at the enterprise level are for the purposes of enterprise architecture and high-level strategy; those at the business process level may be for documentation and optimization whether or not the processes are ever automated; and those at the implementation level are primarily for automation purposes. Some of the collect-connect-correct techniques can be reused across these levels, allowing for easier alignment between the different levels:

  • Collect:
    • Agree on our intent – get the same motivation
    • Find out who cares
    • Discover the truth
    • Measure real performance
  • Connect:
    • Draw pictures and communicate
    • Question why
  • Correct:
    • Make it better
    • Check it out
    • Get to yes
    • Launch and learn
    • Deal with worries

He went through each of these in detail, pointing out what information that you need to gather at each point, and how this applies at each of the levels. Great presentation, tons of information, although I captured very little of it here due to end-of-day blogger burnout.

That’s it for the first day of Business Rules Forum; I’ll be here the next two days as well. Tomorrow, I can just sit in on presentations, but Thursday I’m back to work by facilitating a peer-to-peer workshop on BPM in the cloud over breakfast, and sit on a panel on emerging trends at the end of the day.

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