End of the day, on to the evening #BTF09

Jim Haney, CIO of Harley-Davidson, presented on how they’re taking the Lean principles that they already use in manufacturing, and applying to their IT operations. They’re obviously focused on their customers: he started with a picture of a grey-bearded biker in bandana and shades, and pointed out that they do everything for him. 🙂 However, it was the end of the day and I didn’t find the rest of the talk sufficiently compelling to blog about.

Today’s been a bit of a marathon, especially following on the heels of 2-1/2 days at Gartner in Orlando earlier this week, and it’s not over yet: I’m off to the reception on the vendor show floor, then to a special event for women executives to discuss building personal brand, sponsored by Lombardi. Although I’m typically not a big fan of women-only events because I think that they just emphasize the divide, this looks like it will be an interesting panel and I’m looking forward to add in my two cents worth.

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