My fall BPM conference schedule

This year has been extremely light for conferences, due to some conference cancellations (or conversion to online-only conferences), and reduced PR budgets that meant that vendors didn’t have the means to offer me travel expenses to attend their conference. According to TripIt, I’ve only been to FASTforward, SAPPHIRE and Enterprise 2.0 so far this year, although I also attended the Open Group EA conference here in Toronto for a total of four. Last year by this time, I had attended 10 conferences, and ended up with a total of 19 for the year.

I will have a bit of conference travel this fall, however:

  • September 7-10, BPM 2009, Ulm, Germany. This is an academic/research BPM conference that draws the best research minds in BPM from all over the world, mostly from universities and corporate research institutes. I attended last year in Milan, and was overwhelmed with the quality and forward-thinking nature of the presentations. This conference gives a glimpse into the future of BPM, and I urge every BPMS vendor to get someone from their architecture/design/engineering group there to absorb some of this.
  • October 5-7, Gartner BPM summit, Orlando. I skipped the spring BPM summit, but am looking forward to the new material that is on the agenda since last fall.
  • October 8-9, Forrester Business Technology Forum, Chicago. I haven’t been to a Forrester conference ever since I spoke at the IT Leadership Forum in Carlsbad in 2007, but this one seems to be really focused on lean processes and process improvement.
  • October 27-28, Appian Forum user conference, Washington DC. I’ll be giving a presentation on BPM centers of excellence, based in part on the webinar series and white paper that I did for Appian’s BPM Basics site.
  • November 2-5, Business Rules Forum, Las Vegas. I’ll be giving a presentation on BPM, collaboration and social networking, plus facilitating a peer-to-peer workshop on BPM as a service. I’m very excited that BRF now has a separate BPM track, since there’s a lot of overlap both in vendors and in applications. Unfortunately, I have to miss CASCON which is going on in Toronto at the same time.

There are one or two other possibilities, although this is already starting to look pretty busy. If you’re at any of these events, look me up.

3 thoughts on “My fall BPM conference schedule”

  1. I cant’ wait for the BPM 2009, a friend is in Ulm so maybe she’s going to share information there. I sent a paper adopting my work in System Dinamics to BPM but it was a bad idea -not with poor time and feedback-, it was rejected. I’ll be working a paper for the 2010.

    Nice blog. Keep bloggin’ 😀

  2. Hi Sandy,

    When travelling through Europe, you can also attend Vlerick’s BPI Conference (13-14 October, Brussels). Similar set-up as the Ulm conference but less commercial. Last year was high quality, lots of guest speakers from real companies, etc… Just a hint…


  3. Hi Bjorn, as much as I would like to visit Belgium again, my travel budget and time don’t allow me to make a second conference trip to Europe in the fall. Looks interesting: I’ve added to the BPM events calendar.

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