FeedBurner kills my feed. Again.

When I switched to the new Google-hosted version of FeedBurner (which soon everyone using FeedBurner will be forced to convert to), they screwed up my feed, causing my subscriptions to drop by about 20%.

Since then, my numbers have come back to to around what they were — presumably through organic growth of the people who figured out that it wasn’t updating and re-added me to their feed reader — until yesterday, when they dropped by 25% and even further today. Grrrrrrrr.

Even worse, my feed hasn’t updated in my own Google Reader since my first post of the day, so even if you are still subscribed, you may not be seeing the posts in a timely manner.

If you’re a victim of this, of course you won’t know, you’ll just think that I’m not blogging. If you check on my site directly and see this, try removing and re-adding my feed to your reader, hopefully that will fix it. At least until the next time GoogleBurner screws up.

Update: After two days of the “25% off sale”, subscriptions jump back to normal.

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