BPM Think Tank: Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Pat Steinmann of Enterprise Rent-A-Car, who I saw speak at the Appian conference last month, was here to retell the story of their IT services requests process.

Go back and read my original post for some of the details, I won’t repeat them here, but it’s important to understand the significant benefits that they’ve seen from this: the lag time for opening IT requests decreased from 3+ days to 2 hours, and employee training decreased from 9 months on their old AS/400-based system to 1 hour. Their focus was to allow employees to focus on performing activities that add value, and not on the administration and management of those activities.

Pat was in my roundtable this morning on achieving collaboration between business and IT in BPM projects, and provided good insight into how they’ve done this. I’ll be summing up the roundtable at the end of the day, since we’re running the same subjects a second time immediately after this.

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