My continuing Feedburner story

As I mentioned previously, my feed subscribers dropped by 20% when Google switched me from Feedburner to the Google-branded feeds that are replacing them, and a couple of people have told me directly that the feed just stopped working, requiring them to unsubscribe and resubscribe to the new address. I subscribe to my own feed in Google Reader, and haven’t had a problem — it just switched transparently — so I’m suspecting that it’s some combination of specific readers and whatever Google is doing to remap the feed to the new location. Regardless, I’m not happy about it.

Coincidentally, I missed the Toronto Girl Geek Dinner this week, but saw this followup post about a TGGD blog feed created using RSS Mixer. Off I went to check it out, and to see if they had included my blog in the feed, and below the list of feeds that are in the mix, I saw this message:

Feedproxy error

I Googled around, and found this thread on the FeedBurner help group that indicates that Google is doing something different with the feeds than was done with the equivalents, which is the likely culprit for having broken many of my readers’ subscription (depending on their feed reader) as well as the RSS Mixer feed (which would act sort of like a reader).

At least I’m in good company:

Mashable feedproxy error

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