BPM Milan: Formal Methods and demos

There were two other papers presented in the Formal Methods section — Covering Places and Transitions in Open Nets by Christian Stahl and Karsten Wolf, and Correcting Deadlocking Service Choreographies Using a Simulation-Based Graph Edit Distance by Niels Lohmann — but we were hip-deep in mathematical notation, graph theory, automata sets and Boolean forumlae (who decided to put this section at the end of the day?), and I lost the will to blog.

We’re moving off to a demo session to close the day, which will include:

  • Business Transformation Workbench: A Practitioner’s Tool for Business Transformation, by Juhnyoung Lee, Rama Akkiraju, Chun Hua Tian, Shun Jiang, Sivaprashanth Danturthy, and Ponn Sundhararajan
  • Oryx – An Open Modeling Platform for the BPM Community, by Gero Decker, Hagen Overdick and Mathias Weske
  • COREPROSim: A Tool for Modeling, Simulating and Adapting Data-driven Process Structures, by Dominic Muuller, Manfred Reichert, Joachim Herbst, Detlef Koontges and Andreas
  • A Tool for Transforming BPMN to YAWL, Gero Decker, Remco Dijkman, Marlon Dumas and Luciano García-Bañuelos
  • BESERIAL: Behavioural Service Interface Analyser, by Ali Aiit-Bachir, Marlon Dumas and Marie-Christine Fauvet
  • Goal-Oriented Autonomic Business Process Modeling and Execution: Engineering Change Management Demonstration, by Dominic Greenwood

That’s it for blogging today; after the demos, I’ll be off to celebrate today’s real event, my birthday. And before you ask, I just turned 30 (in hexadecimal).

2 thoughts on “BPM Milan: Formal Methods and demos”

  1. Well I, had to leave so I can’t do it vis-a-vis…
    Happy Birthday, Sandy.
    That’s the first time ever I see a live blog about a scientific conference and I really think this should be offered as a standard service.
    If I ever organize something in the field of BMP you’ll be the first person invited!

  2. Davide, thanks for the birthday wishes, and it was great to meet you at the conference. It will be interesting to see how this academic BPM conference compares with the vendor and analysts BPM conferences that I am attending this week.

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