Business Rules Management and Business Process Management: Turning Policies into Action

Recently, I wrote a white paper for Corticon Technologies on the synergy between BPM and BRM. From the introduction:

The mantra of today’s business environment is “build for change”, driving many process improvement initiatives. Businesses must realize, however, that the decisions within the business processes are at least as critical in the search for agility, since the decisions change more frequently than the processes. Combining business rules management and business process management provides that agility by allowing the decisions, and their underlying rules, to be changed independently from the processes, often in real-time by business managers.

This white paper examines the intersection of business rules management and business process management: what they are, how they interact, and why this is important to the agility, accuracy, cost and compliance of your business processes.

You can find the white paper on their site here (available as a link from their Solutions / Business Process Management page), no registration required.

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