Lombardi Driven: Blueprinting Business Processes

Dave Marquard and Kalvin Stollznow of Lombardi gave a presentation on using Blueprint; Dave, who I’ve met previously, is the product manager of Blueprint, and Kalvin is a principal BPM analyst in the services group. We had a quick demo of Blueprint, with Kalvin talking through the business scenario while Dave drove; I suspect that there’s a lot of Teamworks customers in the room who haven’t had time to do much with Blueprint yet, and this is their first real introduction to it.

The context for the demo was in discussing their “2 x 6 workshop” engagement for process discovery, and how a tool like Blueprint can help to facilitate this. The new services offering are an obvious focus for Lombardi these days, so it’s not surprising to see a couple of the sessions on what they’re offering in these front-end discovery, analysis and design packages. They finished up with a description of the packaged process definition service offerings: inventory, assessment, analysis and playback one. The playback one package is an addition to the first three, which were announced back in April, and it’s focused on showing the users what the new process will look like.

The presenters are being asked to keep to a 30-minute presentation in a 45-minute time slot in order to allow for lots of time for audience questions, making the presentations a bit lightweight; even so, I found this a bit too sales-y, although the Q&A dug into some good points about functionality and availability of new features.

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