DemoCamp 15 in Toronto

We’re having our 15th DemoCamp in Toronto on October 29th, where anyone with something to demo can sign up to show their stuff in 5 minutes. There will also be some Ignite-style presentations (a 5 minute presentation with 20 slides x 15 seconds per slide where the presenter does not have control over the slide show). DemoCamp is always a great time: you see some interesting stuff, and meet a lot of creative people.

If you want to demo or present, submit your information here

If you want to attend, sign up here. It’s free, but space is limited.

If you want to sponsor the event (maximum $200/sponsor), contact David Crow.

These have always been evening events in the past, but this one starts at 3pm, the demos kick off at 4pm, 5:30pm for the presentations, then we adjourn to the pub around 7pm.

2 thoughts on “DemoCamp 15 in Toronto”

  1. No, as I state in my post, it’s free. You have to sign up, however, since they have limited space available.

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