Gartner Day 2: Justin Brunt, TIBCO

I missed Justin Brunt’s webinar a couple of weeks ago on BPMN, so I stopped by his session today to see it in person. There’s a lot about BPMN elsewhere on my blog, including my recent BPM Think Tank coverage and the BPMN category, so I’m not going to go into too much detail about what BPMN actually is; in short, BPMN is the business process modelling notation, namely the graphical representation of process maps and some of the associated metadata, intended to be used by both business and technical users as a common vocabulary for describing processes.

Justin walked through all the BPMN object types and how they’re used, plus some multi-step examples to show how they all fit together.

Although there’s a lot more complexity that can be explored, he only had 30 minutes so this was a quick overview. Bruce Silver has a 90-minute workshop on BPMN tomorrow morning that will go into considerably more detail.

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