Presenting on TIBCO Process Modeling webinar tomorrow

In case you missed the memo, tomorrow I’ll be presenting the 2nd in the series of webinars that I’m doing with TIBCO this summer: Process Modeling (or Modelling, as we say here in the Great White North). From their promotional email:

Join BPM expert Sandy Kemsley for an in-depth look at process modeling. Sandy will discuss the most important aspects of process design, including:

  • Identifying process initiation points
  • Identifying touchpoints with other systems — for example, how BPM and SOA interact
  • Simulating the new process
  • Process modeling notation and standards — what can be modeled?
  • Identifying changing job roles
  • Creating a structured model for implementation
  • Identifying where your ROI will be generated and how to track it

You can sign up for this webinar, and the one next month on Process Design, here.

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