Another month of travel and presentations

I thought that my heavy travel time was almost over for the summer, but it just refuses to go away. Due to a new client (yes, I do actually do work that I get paid for sometimes, in addition to all this unpaid blogging 🙂 ), I’ll be visiting Chicago and Montreal over the next two weeks before heading off to Boston for the Enterprise 2.0 conference.

Here’s my public speaking and conference schedule for June:

Interestingly, both TIBCO and Savvion recognize that their customers are interesting in the up-front part of BPM: in the case of Savvion, how to get started on a BPM project, and with TIBCO, how to take a process from discovery through modelling and design. The material will be quite different between the webinars and I’ll blog a bit about each of them separately later this week; I encourage you to listen in on all of them.

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