Task and Process Exploration and Modelling at I-KNOW ’07

From Markus Strohmaier of the Know-Center Graz, information on this September’s I-KNOW (International Conference on Knowledge Management), including a special track on Task and Process Exploration and Modelling with the following objectives:

In contrast to the well researched and applied top-down approaches to business process modelling and management the “Task and Process Exploration and Modelling (TPEM)” tries to find answers to the following guiding research questions:

  • To what extend is knowledge work capturing possible? Barriers? Challenges?
  • Can knowledge work be modelled or derived from usage data? Do knowledge work patterns exist and how can they be automatically discovered?
  • What is the impact of usage data analysis on knowledge work support and business process modelling and management?

I’ve been seeing some interesting things with BPM vendors lately about deriving process patterns from usage data, both for the purposes of automating decisions and to suggest decisions to a human operator; there’s a lot of interesting research going on in this area, and some is starting to manifest already. Deadline to submit a paper is May 21st.

Markus is a Column 2 reader who I met face-to-face when he moved to Toronto last year for post-doctoral research; he’s now headed home to Austria.

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