ProVision 6.0 release

I finally made it home from Chicago around 1:30 this morning: United Airlines wimped out and cancelled all their flights, but Air Canada came through in the crunch.

I’m now on a Proforma webinar about their new V6.0 release of ProVision, of which I had a brief preview at their user conference last fall. Some highlights:

  • Browser-based access for collaboration, although I suspect that this does not include full modelling capabilities based on the comments that I heard at the user conference.
  • Web services access to Knowledge Exchange — this is pretty exciting, and I’d like to hear about more of this. For example, if ProVision exposed process models via a web service, could a BPMS consume that model directly?
  • Embedded Crystal Report functionality, which I recall was a big deal for the user conference attendees.
  • Updated UI in their desktop application, which was looking a bit dated.
  • The concept of dimensions in models, which allows for alternative versions to be created based on specific dimensions, where a dimension may be, for example, geography, or as-is versus to-be. In one model, then, you can compare North American as-is models with European to-be models, or whatever else you want to define based on your dimensions. Pretty powerful stuff.

I’m not familiar enough with ProVision to tell exactly what’s new and what was there before, but it does look like some significant improvements in this version.

ProVision 6.0 is being released over the next two weeks. A replay of the webinar will be available on their website.

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