BrainStorm: Meeting my peeps in Chicago

I’m starting to see more and more familiar faces at these BPM conferences, and this one is no exception: I’ve met Gregg Rock and Tom Dwyer of at a couple of conferences now, finally met Brett Champlin at the last Gartner conference, and Bruce Silver and I meet up so often that our spouses are starting to get suspicious. 🙂  There’s also the people who work for the vendors — I seem to see many of the same ones at every show, and these shows must be some small form of purgatory for them.

It’s also fun to meet people who I’ve only met online previously, and I’ve had a couple of those experiences here in Chicago. David Novick, who added a comment to my blog that turned into an email conversation, recognized me in one of the sessions — I guess that Rannie’s new headshot of me is paying off. At lunch, I happened to sit at the same table as Barbara Saxby from Ramco, who was on a webinar that I moderated last month. And Jean Campagna of Resolvit found me yesterday evening at the vendor showcase/drinks party to say that her colleague was sending me a hello: apparently her colleague back at the office has been reading my blog to Jean over the phone.

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