Swedish mashups

No, this isn’t some new dish from the Swedish Chef, it’s a new way to fool around with domain names to get them to actually spell something: en.terpri.se (using a Swedish domain name). Following in the etymological footsteps of del.icio.us, en.terpri.se is a site launched by BEA to showcase their Enterprise 2.0 tools: Pages for web authoring (including wikis and blogs), Ensemble for mashups, and Pathways for information discovery via tags, bookmarks and activity analysis.I haven’t seen a demo yet, but you know I want one.

These all fall under the AquaLogic family, and were previously known as Project Builder, Project Runner and Project Graffiti, respectively; it remains to be seen whether this is something new or just the old stuff with some rounded corners. They’re showing all this off at the O’Reilly Emerging Technology conference this week.

2 thoughts on “Swedish mashups”

  1. FYI Swedes have used the .nu domain until a small pacific island named Niue claimed the right to the top domain. The word ‘Nu’ translates to ‘Now’ in English and is very useful for invitations such as “spola.nu” who fights for better food packaging. I think we could spare some .se addresses.

  2. .nu is funny, the non-Swedish-speaking world would never get the joke. 🙂

    With only 9M people, it does look like you have addresses to spare. We have the same issue in Canada (although with 3x the population) but the rules are a bit restrictive about who can have a .ca domain.

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