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It’s been an Enterprise 2.0 sort of week (or two). First, this post by Dan Farber points to an Enterprise 2.0 meme map by Stephen Danelutti, and also to some of Dion Hinchcliffe’s latest, including 10 predictions for Enterprise 2.0 in 2007. Although Hinchcliffe’s entire list is worth reading, #7 stood out for me:

It will be a make or break year for the first round of Enterprise 2.0 tools that add a process aspect.  While SOAs and even Web 2.0 apps tend to be more about services and capabilities, the world of business is much more about processes.  This has triggered some discussion that the best way to add enterprise context to consumer tools may be to make them more process-oriented.  Thus, a number of upcoming Enterprise 2.0 tools have a process bent to them including the above mentioned Itensil, but also the nascent BPM 2.0 movement which can be enabled with these same tools.  By the end of next year, we should have a good feeling if this is a good bet or not. My guess: A new market leader in this space will begin to emerge.

This week, the buzz is all about the Under The Radar conference “Why Office 2.0 matters” in Mountain View today, where a few people who I know from the TorCamp community are presenting their enterprise collaborative solutions: Firestoker, a blog-like platform for the enterprise, and ConceptShare, for online design collaboration.

2007 is shaping up to be an interesting year for Enterprise 2.0. As Hinchcliffe puts it, “2007 will probably be the year that will uncover the issues, and determine the fate of one of the more interesting offshoots of the Web 2.0 phenomenon.

Update: congrats to Scott and the boys at ConceptShare for winning both the judges and audience vote in the Web Sharing category at UTR. If you’re doing geographically (and/or temporally) dispersed collaboration on a design process, check out their hosted solution.

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