BPM in Action kicks off

ebizQ’s BPM in Action online conference is today and tomorrow, and you have a chance to listen to me both days, if you can stand the excitement. 🙂

Today at 1pm Eastern, I’m hosting a panel on BPM and Enterprise 2.0, with Phil Gilbert of Lombardi, Phil Larson of Appian, and Ismael Ghalimi of Intalio. We are doing this live on the air with no script and no slides, and the speakers only have a rough idea of the topics that I want to cover, so tune in for some spontaneous talk about where BPM is headed in this strange new world of Enterprise 2.0.

Tomorrow at 1pm Eastern (I think — the time on the agenda and the event page differ, but my schedule says 1pm), I’m moderating a webinar on business process platform strategy, with Josh Greenbaum of Enterprise Applications Consulting and Rich Sides of Preferred Meal Systems, sponsored by Ramco. This is more of the usual webinar gig, where I do the introductions, then moderate the questions at the end.

Update: The BPM in Action site has been corrected to show the time of 1pm on all pages for the Wednesday webinar.

Lots of other great sessions: the whole thing kicks off with a keynote by Ken Vollmer of Forrester today, and one by Janelle Hill of Gartner tomorrow (who I heard speak at the Gartner BPM conference last week). It’s structured to run midday on the east coast (11-2 today, 11-3 tomorrow), which is late afternoon/early evening for those of you in Europe and morning for those on the west coast. If you’re in Asia, you can check out the replays if you don’t have insomnia.

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