BPM and Enterprise 2.0 — what a blast!

I just had a great time hosting the BPM and Enterprise 2.0 panel with Phil, Phil and Ismael. These three have some radically different viewpoints, which made for a lively discussion (insert graphic of me dressed as a lion tamer, complete with whip and chair).

My favourite quote from the panel, from Phil Larson when speaking about mashing up BPM data: “BPM *is* a mashup”.

And from Phil Gilbert, in an email note afterwards: “Awesome… most fun I’ve ever had on a webinar.  OK, OK, that’s a low bar, I guess… BUT it was fun.”

The replay should be available soon at the same link if you missed the live version.

6 thoughts on “BPM and Enterprise 2.0 — what a blast!”

  1. Nicolas, if you click on the original link in my post and go through all the registration, you eventually end up at the BPM in Action virtual conference (or click here and login with your ebizQ username). Navigate to the Conference Hall, then click on Day 1 and you’ll find the replay of the panel there. Unfortunately, ebizQ doesn’t make these available in any sort of downloadable MP3 format, you’ll have to listen online.

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