ProcessWorld Day 2 wrapup

I fly home in the morning, so I’ll be missing tomorrow’s ARIS User Day; this was by design, since I really didn’t want to sit through detailed product training sessions.

I’ve had a number of people here recognize me from having read my blog, which is very flattering. I had one person tell me that if he weren’t here, reading my blog would be just like being here (um, but you are here, dude…). I was even called the queen of blogging. I’m blushing. The stream of consciousness blogging has been fun, although now I need to go back through all those notes and make sense of some of the ideas.

I sat with a professor from Widener University today who teaches in their Center for Business Process Excellence, a program that I didn’t even know was offered. She was quick to whip out a brochure for me, and although it’s very sponsor-laden (both IDS Scheer and SAP appear on it), it does give an outline of their program and states their mandate:

  • A global initiative designed to forge new levels of business process innovation by strengthening collaboration between the corporate and academic communities
  • Promote research into next-generation business solutions to better prepare tomorrow’s workforce
  • Promote business process modelling by incorporating such issues into the undergraduate and graduate curricula and support faculty and students to engage in research efforts

They offer Masters of Information Systems and MBA’s that incorporate process innovation, plus certificate programs in business process innovation. Some of the courses seem a bit light — a few of them are completed in three Saturdays — and I have no idea what sort of accreditation or recognition that they have for these programs, but any university that is recognizing BPM as an area of study is worth a second look. You can find out more about it on their site here.

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