OMG online tutorial on BPMM

Major correction: this tutorial is on BPMM (business process maturity model), not BPMN. Thanks to Phil Gilbert for emailing me a prompt correction.

If you’re interested in learning more about the business process maturity model (BPMM), tune in to a tutorial that OMG is running on November 30th at noon Eastern time. From their description:

Today, management has no standards-based framework by which to assess the maturity of business processes. As a result, managers have no method to assess the risk that immature processes pose to enterprise IT projects, or to identify the causes of weaknesses in their process workflows that, if addressed, could reduce cost and increase operating efficiency. The Business Process Maturity Model (BPMM) is a proposed standard for evaluating the capability and maturity of business processes. The intent of this model, if adopted by the OMG, would be to provide an open, standard roadmap for assessing process maturity and guiding business process improvement.

Presented by Bill Curtis and John Alden, this tutorial will introduce the concept of a Maturity Model and provide insight into its origin, market requirements and benefits. The tutorial will discuss why projects fail, leading to billions of dollars in reworking costs. Case studies, examples and a detailed overview of the structure of BPMM will also be covered. We invite all OMG members to listen in.

It’s not an online webinar, but more of a conference call with backup material: you download the slides in PowerPoint or PDF formation from their site, then dial in to listen to the live audio.

Now unrelated to this tutorial: If you want more in-depth information on BPMN (business process modeling notation), you can see the full version 1.0 specification on the OMG site, and check out some of the BPMN-related material on the Tyner Blain blog, which I’ve linked to in the past. I can’t find the BPMN 2.0 spec on the OMG site, although I thought that it was in public release by now.

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