That’s a lot of process modeling…

I’ve posted previously about Savvion‘s free Process Modeler, and yesterday they announced that there have already been 55,000 downloads of it. Of course, I’m sure that some of those downloads are like mine, still waiting to be really taken for a test drive, but there have to be a lot of people who are taking advantage of this by getting some of their processes in order.

Now, if we can just have a Web 2.0, browser-based process modeler…

One thought on “That’s a lot of process modeling…”

  1. There are already a few AJAX based process modelers … Appian for example, a fully fledged BPMN modeling tool that leves just as happily on the web as inside the firewall. All that is missing is the business model. Perhaps I can do a bit of lobbying in that dept.

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