Mashup Camp 2 Day 1: Speed geeking

We started the afternoon with speed geeking, where each mashup developer set up on a table, and the rest of us circulated around spending 5 minutes at each table for a quick demo. There were 21 tables but only 10 timeslots, which made for a quick triage before I started out. We’re having another speed geeking session tomorrow so I’ll have time to catch any that I missed before I hand out my wooden nickel — the token that each of us were given at registration to use for voting for our favourite mashup. First prize is $5000 of geek-ware of some sort, so this is a pretty big deal.

Tons of ideas here: wedding registry finder, cell phone as shopping cart, news aggregator, train schedules to SMS, backend storage, music videos, Bungee Labs mega-mashup, restaurant reviews, auto-tagging Flickr photos by event, Frappr, pricing, travel data….

Because I was moving tables every five minutes, all my notes about the speed geeking are on paper but I’ll post more details after tomorrow’s speed geeking session. My faves so far:

  • ChunkLove, a gift registry finder
  • TrainCheck, which sends the next three BART times at any stop to your mobile via SMS or email
  • PhoTiger, which matches up your Flickr photos with your Eventful events to help auto-tag (and eventually auto-name and geocode) the photos based on the event data
  • MileGuru, which aggregates all your frequent flyer and frequent stayer (hotel) points and other data into a single place

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