Tracking comments with co.mments

I’ve been doing a lot of commenting on other people’s blogs lately, and using co.mments to track the conversations. It’s easy, just setup an account, install the bookmarklet in your browser, then when you’re on a page where you want to track the changes, just click on the bookmarklet and co.mments will pop up to tell you that it is tracking the conversation. Works even if the blog doesn’t have a comments feed, and also works even if you forget until after you’ve posted your comment (which was a problem with CoComment). In fact, you can go back to the post at any time and invoke co.mments. You can, of course, get the results as an RSS feed too.

5 thoughts on “Tracking comments with co.mments”

  1. Actually, you can still “catch” a comment after you’ve written it with coComment (though maybe it wasn’t publicized very clearly):

    select the text of your comment, and then click the coComment bookmarklet. You get a pop-up window which you can edit and then use to send the comment to coComment. You should try it sometime and let us know if it doesn’t work.

    But even better than that, if you’re using FireFox you can install the extension and forget all about coComment while it silently records all the comments you make.

    Hope this extra info helps!

  2. Stephanie, I seem to recall when I started using it that that wasn’t an option, which is why I started using co.mments. I may give it another try.

    Assaf, one problem that I do have with co.mments is that I tried to track a blog entry with an https URL and it refused — any workaround for that?

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