Stop the SOA 2.0 bull

I’m with the Neils, Brenda, Ronan and David on this one: stop the meaningless “numbering” of an architectural philosophy that is being perpetrated primarily by Oracle and Gartner. Sign the SOA 2.0? No thanks petition:

We’ve created this online petition because we’re dumbfounded at the attempt by certain parts of the IT industry to create and give weight to the term “SOA 2.0”.

Industry does not, at this point, need more confusion around SOA. SOA has real value, but industry at large is only just coming to terms with what it means and what it can do. Inventing terms like “SOA 2.0” might help some analysts and vendors make money, but overall, in the long run it damages us all.

Consider that a big vendor and a big analyst started all this SOA 2.0 nonsense, and you can be pretty sure that their motives are not altruistic. And considering the trademark nonsense that just happened over Web 2.0, lawsuits probably aren’t far behind either.

An online petition on its own may not hold much weight, but if you have a blog, then blog about it; if you’re a customer of Oracle or Gartner, let them know what you think. If the market rejects the concept of SOA 2.0 as so much marketing bull, it won’t fly.

2 thoughts on “Stop the SOA 2.0 bull”

  1. Let’s not stop at SOA 2.0… let’s also stop the stupid Web 2.0, BPM 2.0, Office 2.0 and other nonsense. We have enough silo’s without silo’ing ideas… of course, most of those naming stuff are simply doing so to make themselves appear hip, or to tie in to some perceived hip cultural fad. Yuk… let’s get back to deep thinking and away from deep marketing.

  2. If there’s some new concepts, then I can partially forgive the 2.0 moniker (see <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>my comments on Web 2.0</a> in response to Loek’s comment). For most of them, however, I’m with you: the customers will be the ones to suffer in the ensuing confusion.

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