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I used to ignore blog posts that just contained lists of links, until recently when it finally hit me that if I value that person’s opinions when they write a regular blog post, why wouldn’t I value their opinion about what links that they find valuable? Of course, a list of links is really only valuable if the person adds their opinion for each link, which is exactly what allows you to do.

Thanks to Stephen O’Grady’s post about an experimental feature on, my new links (with my notes about them) will be posted once each day, as you see in the post immediately before this one. I like this much better than the Link Splicer functionality on FeedBurner, since everyone reading the blog can see it (not just those subscribing to my FeedBurner feed), and it’s a regular post so that you can add comments to it if you wish. You can also see what tags that I’ve used for each of the links, and click through to my collection of links with the same tags.

I’ll use this method instead of the “link only” type of posts that I have used to refer to another site with very little of my own commentary. There will likely be lots of links in the next couple of days while I sort out all of the things that I’ve tagged in Bloglines and turn them into links.

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