BPM Think Tank Day 2: Roundtables

In the afternoon yesterday were the first two of four roundtables (the other two will be this afternoon). I really like this format, kudos to Dana Morris of OMG and his team for setting this up, and to Jeanne Baker for herding the cats so successfully when the time came.

When I signed up for the event, I was given a choice of 10 executive roundtables and 10 technology roundtables, and four time slots to choose from. Each of the 20 roundtables run simultaneously in each of the four time slots, with the same leader but a different group of up to eight attendees. The discussions are very dynamic, and there’s a scribe appointed for each session so that the ideas are captured and will eventually be distributed to the conference attendees.

Because the groups are small and the discussions interactive, it wasn’t the right environment for whipping out my laptop and blogging live, so I kept notes on paper which I’ve had to transcribe in order to report on the sessions. Posts on yesterday’s session follow this post; today’s will likely be delayed until tomorrow unless I get some wifi at the airport this evening.

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