The Vision Thing slowly says goodbye

One of the first BPM-related blogs to be added to my newsreader was The Vision Thing, and today Ethan announced that he’s shutting it down. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Ethan for one of his Sound of Vision podcasts last May, then meeting him face-to-face at our own little bloggers dinner in Dallas in December.

There’s a few things that you should check out on his site: the flowchart article archive (anyone who can write five articles on the theme of “Visio is Evil” has to have something to say about process mapping!), the rest of the Sound of Vision podcast archive, and the snippets in Process for the People.

This month, Ethan launched Vision Monthly, an online magazine that covers a much wider range of business issues. The first issue included an article by Elisa Camahort (co-founder of BlogHer), one by Paul Gimbel of Razorleaf which led me to his blog on process analysis, and others.

Ethan, we’re sorry to see TVT go, and good luck with Vision Monthly.

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