Computer History Museum

My wrapup of Mashup Camp wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the fabulous Computer History Museum in Mountain View where the event was held. Great venue, and the part of their collection that we were able to view during the party on Monday night was very nostalgic (although I can’t quite say that I miss RSX11M). Definitely worth a visit if you’re in the Bay area.

On my return to Toronto, I had lunch with a friend who works for Alias, the day after she emailed me to say that their corporate email addresses have changed from to following the recent acquisition. The end of an era for a long-running innovative Canadian software company. There since the late 1980’s, she saw many transitions, including the purchase of Alias by Silicon Graphics (and its subsequent sale). SGI was, at the time, housed in the building that now holds the Computer History Museum, and she remembers visiting there when it was SGI headquarters. An interesting footnote after spending the first part of the week there.

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