More on the Proforma webinar

I found an answer to EA wanna be!’s comment on my post about the Proforma EA webinar last week: David Ritter responded that the webinar was not recorded, but he’ll be presenting the same webinar again on December 9th at 2pm Eastern. You can sign up for it here. He also said that he’s reworking the material and will be doing a version in January that will be recorded, so if you miss it on the 9th you can still catch it then or (presumably) watch the recorded version on their site.

There’s a couple of other interesting-looking webinars that they’re offering; I’ve signed up for “Accelerated Process Improvement” on December 8th.

One thought on “More on the Proforma webinar”

  1. Thanks a lot…

    Looks like they are among the leaders in EA Tools …I am just hoping they come up with realistic/applicable approach of Enterprise Architecture processes and practices….

    It is time for EA to bring (measurable) value to the table! if you can’t measure that it doesn’t exist…

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