BPTrends BPM Suites Report V1.1

BPTrends has released a new version of their BPM Suites report (free, signup required). I haven’t had time to review it in detail yet, although I’ve noted that it does include information on several new BPMS vendors: Clear Technology, Graham Technology, Handysoft, Oracle and Singularity (some of which prompt the questions “who?” and “why?”). The first 38 pages (which I identified in my post on the V1.0 report as the part that’s really worthwhile) appear identical in the two reports, so unless you’re interested specifically in the new vendors, no need to rush for the new version.

2 thoughts on “BPTrends BPM Suites Report V1.1”

  1. Sandy, I do feel it is important to comment at this point that the BPM Suites Report by BPTrends is a “Pay-for Play” report. This means if a vendor “ponies up” $5,000.00 (US), then they are reviewed by BPTrends. Hopefully that helps answer your questions of “who and why”. Conversely, if a vendor did not pay, they were not included. The sad part about this report is that while the author does point out that vendors paid for the inclusion, it is not readily marketed as such, thus presenting a false set of “leading BPM players”. For the record, as the Director of Marketing at Fuego, I do feel it is important to point out that Fuego generally does not pay to participate in reviews such as these, and as such we were not included.

    Wayne R. Snell

  2. Wayne, I agree with all of your comments — in fact, I pointed out in my post on the original BPTrends report that it was pay-for-play (see the link to it from this post), which in general I disagree with. I stated in both posts that the only part really worth reading was all the introductory material, and that the parts on the vendors was nothing that you couldn’t find out from the vendor websites.

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