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Although schooled in Canada where we all have to learn some degree of French, my French is dodgy at best (although, in my opinion, it tends to improve when I’ve been drinking). However, I noticed that my blog appeared on the blogroll of a French BPM blog that just started up, and I’ve been struggling through the language barrier to check it out. There’s no information on the author, but I was instantly endeared to him (?) when I read the following in his reasons for starting the blog:

le marketing bullshit est omniprésent

Isn’t that just too true in any language?

3 thoughts on “BPM en français”

  1. Thanks Sandy for the reference,
    My words may have been a little bit excessive. It is sometimes difficult to find what the terms Business Process Management really conceal. The position of the BPM on the Gartner Hype cycle is “the peak of inflated expectations”, isn’t it?

    The next time, I will use the french expression : “langue de bois” 🙂

  2. I guess it is ! Means to me that marketing is a bit over talking about ECM/BPM products now. And what this (anonymous) guy says is that it is not about the product anymore, it is about the Company’s experience in delivering the correct value prop to the prospect based on previous experiences, at least that’s what I think.
    Guess what ? There’s still a lot to do in this arena and thanks for your blog Sandy, there’s plenty of crucial information about BPM, I will be back for sure !!

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