Keeping busy

I’ve been snowed under with finishing the first version of “Making BPM Mean Business“, to be premiered next month at FileNet’s user conference in Las Vegas, as well as a few other presentations and some coursework for a client on enterprise architecture.

I’ve also been spending some time on my new technology acquisitions: an HP tablet PC and a new Blackberry, replacing some ancient stuff from Nokia, RIM and Compaq that steadfastly refuse to die. The new convertible tablet is great and will be very useful for the BPM course and other presentations: I miss the old days of transparencies when I could write on the slides, and being able to annotate in digital ink is the next best thing. I’ve taken it for a few test drives, but the two-day course will be the real challenge. The new Blackberry is a dream: phone and PDA in one, which reduces the electronic clutter to a minimum, and much better geographic coverage for email. Since I use it primarily for email, and only have the phone functionality because one must have a mobile these days, the PDA format (rather than the phone format that RIM also offers) works best for me. My only beef: the holster that comes with it looks like something that Batman would wear on his belt (not my style), and I need something without a clip to slip into my purse; the simple slipcover with the magnet in the right place to allow the device to register itself as “holstered” set me back $40.

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